• Holiday Dialysis
    Holidays are the most awaited period
    of the year to restore body and soul
    from the daily
  • Holiday Dialysis
    Our plan is to make your dreams come true and
    to make you know the sea of Lampedusa,
    one of the best seas in the world.
  • Holiday Dialysis
    The Nephrology and Dialysis Center
    allows its patients to spend their holiday
    in Lampedusa peacefully.

Lampedusa: the island that warms the heart

A true paradise for anyone who wants a relaxing holiday on white sandy beaches, lapped by pure and crystalline water. In a magic atmosphere, Lampedusa offers its extraordinary natural attractions, in a mix of sensations that stimulates the senses like love at first sight. The clean, light and scented air caresses the rested profiles while the lukewarm waters wash the shapes in the sun.

Would you renounce all this only because you undergo dialysis?

Lampedusa is not a dream; it is reality also for people suffering from chronic renal disease.
The Nephrology and Dialysis Center HD24 gives all the people undergoing a hemodialysis therapy the opportunity to dialyze in the most southern dialysis center in Europe and, therefore, to spend an UNFORGETTABLE HOLIDAY.

Holiday in Lampedusa

Book your "holiday dialysis" in Lampedusa and allow yourself to be seduced by one of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands.